Since using the Bluetooth LE , iWavit Blast is available for
apple devices as well as android-based smart phones or smart pads.

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  • Universal Remote Control

  • iWavit supports a wide range of virtual remote control capabilities.
    It can be used for 30 types of remote controls, including TV remote
    controls for Samsung, LG, SONY, etc. as well as for XBOX, PC, etc.
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  • Remote control tutorial function

  • If you can’t find the remote control that fits your needs,
    use the remote control tutorial application Tabula Rasa
    to create your personal customized remote control.
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  • Wireless microphone

  • Equipped with a pre-installed 2.4GHz radio(RF), allowing users to automatically use the microphone by simply connecting the USBDongle to the computer,without the need for any separate installation programs.