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Components and Install

Product Components

English manual
Mini Pod : connects to the USB terminal (if the cable length is too short, a separate adapter can be used)
USB Dongle : connects to the user’s computer, set-top box or smart TV
iWavit : connects to Apple devices (iPhone, iPod, iPad)
Mini Pod securing magnet
iWavit Case : easy to carry and keep iWavit components 제품구성 이미지

iWavit product installation

Plug the Iwavit to connector of iphone ( or ipad ) and then, in case of TV ,
install the profit app and plug dongle to the USB Connector and run app.
USB dongle (receiver) covers merely 8m and, if mini pod is added , tens of meters effective distance is possible 제품설치 이미지

iWavit's supported application

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