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Functions and Features

  • Universal remote control
  • iWavit supports a wide range of virtual remote control capabilities. It can be used for 30 types of remote controls, including TV remote controls for Samsung, LG, SONY, etc. as well as for XBOX, PC, etc.
  • 1. TV, Cable TV, Set Top Box, home control remote control
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  • 2. PC / MAC remote control
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  • Tabula Rasa - Remote control tutorial function
  • iwavit can be made as new remote controller that is not supported basically and Customized remote controller , either.
  • 1. Click Start, Create a button
  • 2. PC function button set
  • 3. Set wallpaper
  • 4. Learning Remote Control (IR Learn)
  • 5. Remote Control Download
  • 6. Remote upload
  • 7. Create TV favorite channels
  • ※ Nebula Rasa other samples
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  • Talk'n Point - Air Mouse
  • You can use a variety of features such as air mouse, air zoom, microphone, Airdial (function handle), wireless keyboard with Apple devices
  • iWavit has components that you connect the device to Apple such as iPhone, iPad, iPod , and can be used as Air Mouse, Air zoom, microphone, Airdial (function handle), Especially, air mouse has absolute point , so don't need to reset the original point.
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  • A microphone with voice control
  • plug and play without installing any program.
  • iWavit has a built-in 2.4GHz radio.
    Therefore, the computer automatically recognizes the microphone without installing the USB dongle program,
    You can use the iWavit apps with microphone button such as Talk'n Point.
    When the microphone button pressed and speak into the state, the voice is transmitted to the PC wirelessly.
  • 마이크
  • In addition, you can control the voice with voice recognition in Windows 7.
  • Presentation
  • You can control your PC using a wireless keyboard, a wireless pad for the iPhone.
    In addition, you can run a program that requires such a presentation, the Wii motion above the air-mouse functionality available.
  • You can control the functions of the keynote PowerPoint presentation,
    It can be used in a plasma screen or LCD screen, and supports a variety of functions, such as pointer, transitions, and drawing, a timer,
    a laser pointer can not be used. And it is not harmful to the eyes, Presentation function need usb dongle and mini pod
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  • 1. PowerPoint presentation application - iWavit Show
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  • 2. Key Note (Mac PC) presentation application - iWavit Keynote
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